According to a June 2020 OneClass poll of over 10,000 college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors from 200+ colleges and universities across the US, well over 50% of students say that they can no longer afford the cost of tuition.

This statistic, unfortunately, comes as no surprise. Coupling the years of…

If you’re a high school student right now, chances are you have a lot on your plate. I was in high school once too, so I know how it goes; keeping up with classes and extracurriculars, trying to maintain a social life, and the big one, navigating the process of…

If you’re a recent graduate like me, it is more likely than not that you have spent the last few months reminiscing about all things college-related: friends, freedom, and finals (ok, maybe not that one…).

Other than daydreaming about how the end of my senior year might have turned out…

Ayden Berkey

UW-Madison Class of 2020; Alpaca lover

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